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Alehcks Fragrances perfume made in Namibia

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A Namibian owned perfume brand.

Alehcks Fragrances are great quality Namibian made fragrances that lasts at least 6 hours on your skin and only go off garments once washed.

Alehcks Fragrances were founded in 2015, we cater for both single and bulk buyers.

Our perfumes are prepared here in Namibia with 25% oil. great quality, long lasting. bottles are available in 30ml

Available fragrances;

Hugo Boss

White Diamond

One Million

Man in black

CK One

Hypnotic Poison

Black Xs

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Bartolmeus Haivera - 23/06/2021

I must say they are well packaged perfumes. My favorite scent would be Hugo Boss with such a strong male character sort of perfume

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