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Why you should approach magazines to feature your work (the Inside Tip)

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It is important to constantly feature your work in magazines to keep your viewers up to date on the current situation about your brand so they shouldn’t have a wrong perception about you and what you are promoting or publishing.

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10 Tips For Building A Personal Brand and Boost Your Career Online

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Knowing who you are is the key to building an authentic brand that accurately reflects your personal and professional identity. Finding out who you are has a lot to do with being genuine.

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The Self-Validation Issue Featuring Hilary Wang Malongi

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Hilary Wang Malongi rebranding

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Creative Directing the New Job Role for Influencers

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Influencers are now getting real jobs as creative directors because of their expertise in content creation and authentic engagement with followers, based on a report by Vice Newsletter on the drifting of prominent Influencers into creative directing.

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How Safe Is Your Money With Tap and Pay Cards?

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Namibian banks have rolled out contactless credit and debit cards across the country. If you check your wallet, you probably have a credit or debit card that uses radio-frequency identification (RFID) for making contactless payments.

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