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Window louvers for golf
N$600.00 (Fixed)
Foglight for Mercedes W204
N$2,200.00 (Fixed)
Cupra lip universal
N$650.00 (Fixed)
Universal foglights for cars
N$500.00 (Negotiable)
Polo 8 spoiler
  • November 9, 2023
Audi RS6 front bumper
N$19,500.00 (Negotiable)
Diffuser for Audi SQ5
N$4,700.00 (Auction)

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Driving in Namibia

Driving in Namibia

Wide-open roads, stunning scenery and numerous wildlife encounters. Namibia is a dream destination for those who like to get off the beaten ...

Namibia: Guideline to Importing Used Vehicles

Namibia: Guideline t...

The importation of used vehicles from Japan into Namibia is simple. But the government has a set of rules and regulations, updated regularly...

Guide to Choosing the Perfect Car for a Namibian Road-Trip

Guide to Choosing th...

After booking my flights to Namibia (a horrible, stressful experience which you can read about here), it’s now time to consider what car to ...

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